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  1. Mr. Responsible
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Slip on your shoes walk out the door the sky is blue not sure what for
I’ve got to do all this and more tabs overdue another chore
Let’s start the car and play a tune grab my guitar good afternoon
We’ll drive so far and get there soon I’m a superstar or a buffoon.

They call him Mr. Responsible
It’s possible he could be unstoppable
They call him Mr. Responsible
A cup of joe and he’s on the go

I’ve got the skill to pay the bill I’ve got the will to run uphill
I’m dressed to kill probably will just to fulfill another thrill
Picked up the wine I’m feeling fine top of the vine no it’s cheap wine
I’m just stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again


He’s in the headline in the spotlght he’s on cloud nine feeling all right
On the incline yes he’s out of sight his light will shine in this dark night
He’s trying to prove his love for her he must improve she must concur
She must approve of this monsieur or else he’ll move to Rochester