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  1. Johnny on the Go
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Come gather around me people and a story I will tell
About the greatest robber, the Midwest knew him well
His name was Johnny Dillinger and he took us for a ride
It was in the great depression when no one had a dime

Johnny on the go, Johnny on the go
Wherever you’re rambling now, nobody knows

Johnny’s poor mother died when he was only three
He tried to be a good boy, but a bullied child was he
He grew up fast, working hard, depression took his job
That’s when they gave him ten years from the grocery store he robbed

When John broke outta prison, he knew the world gone wrong
The people had no money and the banks were all headstrong
He asked his friends to back him up in case he were to fall
As he stepped into a tiny bank to make a big withdrawl

It was over in ol' Wisconsin just up highway 51
In a quiet resting place called Little Bohemia
The coppers found them hidin' there and shot the place to hell
But Johnny's boys were outta town before the building fell

It was late one evening during a picture show
Johnny brought a pretty date, but a traitor from head to toe
The coppers kept a watchful eye for Judas dressed in red
As they jumped out from behind poor John and shot him through the head

So all you ramblin' robbers wherever you might be
The moral of the story is very plain you see
Steal your money while you can before you had your stop
For when a price is on your head your robbin' days are up.