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Come out you beatnik hipsters that bright light’s called the sun
Put down your electric keyboard I’ll show you how it’s done

Don’t say it’s hard, I know it’s hard

I don’t do this ‘cause it’s easy, I do this ‘cause it’s hard
Just look upon my face you’ll see it’s weathered and it’s scarred

Now you poets quit your crying and fill your voice with song
I’ll teach you how to tap your toes and I swear it won’t take long

You just put your words in a rhythm and wrap that in a rhyme
It just takes a little patience, a little work, a little time

Come on you couch potatoes it’s time you sing the blues
Just sing it from your heart ain’t no way you gonna lose

I’ve been walking down from town to town, “Oh mister let me play,
Maybe for some food or your very little pay”

Mr. Decafe-espresso with your clean computer screen
Stop telling all the world how everything is so obscene

Walking over those railroad tracks just to find me someplace warm
My boots are getting heavy and my hat’s mighty worn

I’m telling all of you junkies with the needle in your vein
Start dancing to your music and just sweat away the pain

I’m trying to live a clean life ain’t no more sinnerman
I’ll travel through this country I’m gonna do the best I can