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  1. Déjà Vu
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Déjà Vu

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This week I listened to a lot of Bill Withers ("Lean on Me", "Just The Two of Us", "Ain't No Sunshine") and tried to write a quick soul/R&B song. The theme over on the subreddit, Songaweek, was to write a song under 2 minutes.


Well I'm walking down the avenue
Through a city that I hardly knew
My memories are giving me clues
I swear I've been here before with you

déjà vu, déjà vu, mmm mmm mmm

My mind feels like it's under voodoo
It's coming back but it still feels new
I could have sworn that those walls were blue
Can't remember what I know is true

déjà vu, déjà vu, mmm mmm mmm

I think my eyes have deceived the view
Another life of a house where I Grew
Although the feeling still sticks like glue
I keep walking through the avenue

déjà vu, déjà vu