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I'm Getting Greedy

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This week I listened to The Steve Miller Band and tried to write a three-chord song. I was also challenged by the Song-A-Week subreddit to write a song about GREED. This one turned out rather silly. Here is a video of the recorded performance:


I've been driving a big Rolls-Royce,
I tell you old sport it's choice
Call me Jimmy Gatsby, Jimmy Gatsby
I am hopeful you'll have me

I used to be cold like, "Bah, Humbug"
Now I'm a playful ladybug
Call me Ebenezer Scrooge, Ebenezer Scrooge
And our future is looking good

I'm getting greedy for your love (x4)

I ran a couple of newspapers
I got 49,000 acres
Call me Citizen Kane, Citizen Kane
and I got your Rosebud on my brain

I'm getting greedy for your love (x4)

I heard your excellent business plan
I could invest to be your man
Call me C. Montgomery Burns, C. Montgomery Burns
I like your nuclear tower curves

You know I've sailed the seven seas
But your booty will never cease
Call me Captain Ahab, Captain Ahab
I'll be whaling for all you have

I'm getting greedy for your love (x4)