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The Wedding Nightmare Song

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This week I listened to nothing but Queen and tried to write a similar, theatrical, operatic, rock song. This is a story about a terrible wedding scenario.


Wedding gown, walking slowly round a garden pond
Rosy bouquet being thrown around
It was an elegant affair until someone laid down a tarot card

The ten of swords shocked the country yard
Christmas lights upon the pergola
Couples kissing in the gondola 'til someone said, "Don't marry him",

Wine flowing under lights so dim
She threw her champagne up against his chin
Heard the screeching of a violin
And then someone took a swing,
So much for celebrating cocktail hour

Fists were flying in a show of power
Vases tumbled and exploded flowers
Can you imagine all the hungry children, drunken cousins, screaming mothers, fighting brothers, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, bridesmaids, groomsmen, too?

(oh dear) A bottle sailed across the room
and smashed behind the bride and groom

(oh dear) A car had crashed straight through a wall
But it did not phase the family brawl

(oh dear) The wedding cake was sprayed with blood
While pipes that burst began to flood

(oh dear) The happy couple were whisked away
To their honeymoon suite in Montego Bay

Don't you cry, Mrs. Caroline
On behalf of our crew and staff, please look back and laugh.