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Happy Anniversary (I'm Sorry)

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This week I listened to Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO, and tried to write an upbeat rock song. I made sure to include some violin, cello, and some harmonies.


I'm just driving along, and I'm singing my songs
Don't know when I'm coming home, but I know I've got to roam
Cause you're so sad, not sure why you're mad

I'm just thinking of you, and the words that we threw
so carelessly around and I know you're feeling down
And I don't know, which way to go

Happy Anniversary, my mother said to me
Oh my mama, sorry I have to go

Never driven so fast, police officer past
Now he's turning right around, and I think I'm prison bound
I'm so sorry, please believe me

Happy Anniversary, the card laid next to me
Just don't let it ever happen again

Called my babe on the phone, she wants to be alone
baby please listen to me, I'm coming home, you wait and see
I feel so bad, I'll make you glad

I pulled up to our house, to my beautiful spouse
She was suddenly surprised to see tears in my eyes
I'm so sorry please believe me

Happy Anniversary, the card it made her freeze
Seems as though as she's forgetful as me

Don't get caught in the dust, write it down if you must
Don't be terribly surprised or you'll have tears in your eyes
Don't be late, save the date